Work placement in Malta publié le 26/05/2023

BTEC report - [from Laurence Grolleau]

Work Placement in Malta


Two students, in their last year of BTEC Vocational Home Care Assistant, Orrianna and Ambre


carried out their work placement in Malta in the frame of an Erasmus+ project and also thanks to the financial help of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. Their Medical and Social Sciences teacher, Mrs Dubarry, travelled and stayed a couple of days with them.

They were accommodated in a host family which was a great opportunity to chat as well as discover a new way of living. There, they almost found a new home ‘ I’ve planned to go back and stay with them this summer’ says Orrianna.

They started their four week work placement in a Care Home : they shared the nurses’ working day and they also organized activities with the residents


. This work placement ended with two weeks of home assistance at elderly or dependent people’s homes where they had to help them in their daily lives.

Orrianna and Ambre discovered that even if the job is quite the same, the ways of doing it are different  : according to the girls, ‘People take time here, it is pleasant to work here’.

It was the first time the two students had left France without their families and the first time they had travelled by aeroplane : ‘a real adventure !’

Was it easy ? ‘Speaking English all day long was tiring at first, the accent in Malta is very different, but eventually we got used to it.’

This work placement proved a very positive experience that allowed Orrianna and Ambre to improve their language and professional skills...and maybe to give them the desire to work abroad one day, once they have completed their nursing training !