On the perfume route, from Grasse to Florence - Mrs S.Geffard publié le 09/04/2023

testimonials from P.A.Chabanne vocational school students - Chasseneuil-sur-Bonnieure

My educational school trip...

The theme of this trip, carried out with the students of beauty therapy and hairdressing - Beauty and Well-Being BTEC was : « On the perfume route, from Grasse to Florence ».

Our objective, through the targeted sites, was to create a dynamic process by articulating the educational trip around the knowledge acquired at school.
Indeed, one of the major challenges of this school trip is to reinvest what students have learnt during this experience : a real cultural and professional knowledge.
So, this experience will allow them to reinvest their knowledge at school both in a professional and personal approach.
Following this rich and instructive experience, the first task of the the students was to write a report in English about their experiences (like some diary). Then, they chose a place, that was particularly significant to them and presented it orally in English as well as in French. They registered, then created posters on which QR codes allowed access to their oral productions. The different posters with the QR codes were exhibited in the Documentation Centre, so that everybody at school could discover the places with the chosen pictures and, at the same time, hear explanations about them.

Adapted from testimonials from students


about their experiences :

  • Sunday, September 25
    We started on Sunday 25th September to Friday 30th September. We went to Grasse for 2 days and spent 3 days in Italy. It’s the first time I leave France. We left on Sunday evening by bus, we drove all night long. It was a long night as the bus was quite uncomfortable.
  • Monday, September 26
    The next morning, we arrived in Grasse where we started with the visit of the Fragonard factory

    . I learnt things which will be useful for my future job. We could buy perfumes. In the afternoon, we enjoyed some spare time. With my friend, we ate a nutella pancake


    , it was delicious. Then we visited the International Museum of Perfumery


    . I took a lot of pictures. In the evening, we went to Nice for the night. We were accommodated in a hostel. The bedroom was not luxurious but for one night it was fine.

  • Tuesday, September 27
    On Tuesday, we went to Eze to visit the Fragonard flower factory. On the road, we saw beautiful landscapes. After the picnic, we took the bus again. We were on the road for 5h30. It was long, so I fell asleep. At 13h15, we crossed the border and entered Italy. We arrived in Montecatini in the evening. We ate in a three-star hotel. It was the first time I ate Italian pasta

    . The meal was delicious but, with my friends, we didn’t get dessert because the waiters cleared too quickly. I had a better night than the night before.

  • Wednesday, September 28
    On Wednesday, we went to Florence.

    We made a free tour of the Leonardo da Vinci museum


    . This is the activity I least liked. In the afternoon, it was the visit in English of the essential oil factory. I loved this visit. Our English teacher translated it into French. It was really interesting and instructive because I want to be a beauty therapist. In the evening, we had some free time, so we walked around Montecatini. With my friends, we took the opportunity to buy a little gift for our math teacher because it was her birthday. We had dinner at the hotel. This time, we could all have our desserts. The meal was good. We spent our last night in the hotel.

  • Thursday, September 29
    On Thursday morning, we packed our bags. It was the departure from the hotel. After breakfast we returned to Florence to visit the Uffizi Gallery. It was very large. We saw many paintings and works of art. After a long visit we had a free time in Florence. With my friends, we ate at the Mac Donald’s restaurant. It was not easy to communicate and order what we wanted to eat because we had difficulties to understand. We did some shopping like Lindt and I took the opportunity to buy souvenirs for my family. For our last evening, we had dinner in a restaurant. We ate pizzas, it was delicious. After this very hearty meal, we took the bus and left this beautiful country.
  • Friday, September 30
    On Friday morning, after another night in the bus, we were back to Chasseneuil. The journey was long. We had breaks in rest areas. At lunch, we stopped to eat in a "Flunch restaurant".

I had a great week. It gave me the opportunity to discover a new country and its cultures.
I would like to thank my teachers for accompanying us throughout our stay.