A European project with Nelson Mandela and Le Dolmen vocational high schools publié le 01/01/2023

Erasmus+ Job shadowing in Poitiers

Erasmus+ : job shadowing in Poitiers for 5 Swedish Vocational School English teachers

5 Swedish teachers from Vipan vocational school in Lund, Sweden performed a 5-day job shadowing in Poitiers, from November 14 to 16, 2022. They were hosted by Le Dolmen Fashion Professions and Services industry and Nelson Mandela Construction and Associated Arts vocational high schools.


As a part of an Erasmus+ Job shadowing project, five Swedish teachers from Vipan Vocational School had the opportunity to attend their French counterpart colleagues’ classes, discuss teaching practices and compare the training systems in the two countries.
The organization of the stay as well as the schedule of the activities were prepared jointly by Le Dolmen and Nelson Mandela vocational high schools to best meet the Vipan Vocational School’s requests.
After 12 years of Erasmus student mobility exchanges between Nelson Mandela and Vipan Vocational Schools, Mrs. Jönson, Deputy Principal of the Construction department, wished to extend mobility projects to the teaching staff.
We did our best to offer a tailor-made program matching with our colleagues’ fields of activity.
It is with this perspective in mind that two Swedish colleagues, teaching Swedish as a second language, were able to attend F.L.S. courses (French as a Second Language) at Le Dolmen’s. In the same way, one of the teachers working in the Vipan Health Care department attended a care giving course.
The other two colleagues could attend various English courses… with C.A.P. classes [NVQ Level 1 & 2], Professional Baccalaureate classes specializing in Painting, Electricity, as well as classes with Architectural Assistants’ students, Digital Systems’ ones, let alone an English class dedicated to a tutoring module based on School Perseverance Support [PAPS] at Nelson Mandela Vocational School.
Thanks to an excellent collaboration between Le Dolmen and Nelson Mandela vocational high schools, the support of the two Headmasters, Mr Copin and Mr Ruchti, as well as the involvement of the French-English and French-History teachers, this experience proved a success. The Swedish teachers were very satisfied with their stay.


They appreciated the richness of the professional exchanges, the quality of the welcome as well as the friendly atmosphere.
The discovery of the cultural heritage of Poitiers was an extra source of satisfaction for our guests.
Moreover, the success of this project will strengthen the collaboration between Le Dolmen and Nelson Mandela vocational high schools and help implement new international projects.
We would like to thank Mrs Le Cam and Mr Boutet, the National Education Inspectors, in charge of English teaching in our Academy, for being present, for Mrs Le Cam, on the welcome day meeting, and, for Mr Boutet, on the occasion of the closing speech. Their full support is really comforting for us.
Our thanks are extended to the teachers, who accepted to welcome our Swedish colleagues in their classes and above all for granting them time for exchange and explanation about teaching practices specific to each discipline.
At last, we thank the administration services for facilitating the organization of meals, transports, and convivial events.

Fashion Professions and Services teacher, at Le Dolmen vocational school

English teacher, at Nelson Mandela Construction and Associated Arts vocational school.