Le Kyoto students on a training period in Norway publié le 20/12/2023

Discovering foreign working methods as well as a foreign culture

Those 7 weeks of training took place in Norway, mainly in the Vestlandet area but also in Oslo. The students were integrated into national and also international teams in chain hotel-restaurants such as Scandic, Quality and Thon in Alesund or in more gastronomic establishments in Alesund, Geiranger, Loen and Oslo.

For the whole of them, it was a première on having a professional activity abroad and for the majority of the group, it was a unique opportunity to experience, on their own, another culture, a new way of life and a dramatically different approach of working conditions.

mise_en_place_with_a_view (Word de 20.4 Mo)

They discovered new products, had to adapt to other tastes and habits, appreciated goods they were not familiar with, got used to a particular rythm of life in total communion with the land

and with the single objective to please visiting guests.
Those students came to realize that being French, having received that specific training to become cooks or waiters made them valuable professionals with a real potential, which they were asked to show off and develop through the learning of new skills and techniques.
The professional aspect was definitely important. Yet, at the same time, our young globe trotters took this experience as a good opportunity to discover the land

our_students_go_fishing (Word de 19.4 Mo)

and the unusual activities generated by the fjords everywhere in the region.
It was a wonderful way to forget about the stress at work, using the English language they’ve been learning for so many years at school while learning professional skills.

breakfast_in_norway (Word de 22.8 Mo)

Is there a better way of experiencing European citizenship ?

Isabelle Feyssat, Lycée Le Kyoto