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article Erasmus+ Teachers’ Courses in UK 2017 & 2018     -    publié le 11/12/2016


L’année prochaine, l’ISP célébrera 35 ans d’organisation de formation pour les éducateurs européens au nom des ministères de l’Éducation, des instituts de formation des enseignants et des écoles, y compris des cours pour des milliers d’enseignants financés par les programmes européens Comenius et Erasmus+.

Dear Colleague,

Professional Development Courses in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland for European Teachers.

Next year ISP will be celebrating 35 years of organising quality training courses for European educators on behalf of ministries of education, teacher-training institutes and schools, including courses for many thousands of teachers funded by the EU Comenius and Erasmus+ programmes.

As the next Erasmus+ KA1 deadline (2 February 2017) is approaching, we have just put details of our 2018 teachers’ courses on our website. Please click on the courses listed below for details of our 2017 and 2018 courses.

PRIMARY LEVEL (ages 3-11)

· Language & Methodology Courses for Primary Teachers of English

· Courses for Pre-primary Teachers of English (Very Young Learners) (ages 3-6)

· C.L.I.L. Courses for Pre-primary and Primary Teachers

· English Language Courses for Educators

· Courses for Primary Teachers focusing onArt, Music, Drama, Science, Maths or Physical Education

· Courses for Primary Head Teachers, Inspectors & Advisers

· Courses for Teachers of Pupils with Special Needs : English and other subjects

· Using Technology in Teaching and Mobile pedagogy for language teachers

SECONDARY LEVEL (ages 10-19)

· Courses for Secondary Teachers of English

· Using Technology in Teaching English and other subjects and Mobile pedagogy for language teachers

· Courses for Teachers of Pupils with Special Needs : English and other subjects

· Courses for Teachers in Vocational Schools : English and vocational subjects

· Courses for teachers of Art, Music, Drama, History, Geography, Science, Mathsor Physical Education

· C.L.I.L. Courses for Teachers who teach their subject "bilingually" in English

· Courses for Secondary Head Teachers, Inspectors & Advisers

· Courses on School Development & Quality Enhancement


· Courses for Teachers of English in Adult education

International Study Programmes is an ideal partner for schools which have been awarded (or are applying for) Erasmus+ funds.

We invite schools to :

  • choose from the wide variety of courses which individuals or groups of teachers may join or
  • ask us to design a tailor-made course for a closed group of teachers from one school or group of schools.

Whatever the focus of a school’s European Development Plan we can provide a relevant course in the UK to meet the training needs of teachers.

Special offers are available for teachers who are not successful in obtaining Erasmus+ funding.

We would be grateful if you would pass on our information to schools and teachers.

Schools may also be interested in our programmes for students : work placements and specially designed courses for Erasmus+ funded school students as well as homestays with attendance at a British school for groups of primary or secondary school pupils.

We look forward to welcoming teachers from your country on our 2017 and 2018 courses.

Thank you for your kind attention.

All good wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Anne Hopwood


Anne Hopwood


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