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Step 3- Prepare your comment/ interview.

"Life", a biopic of James Dean is set for a theatrical release in the US on December 4, 2015. Several similarities can be seen between James Dean’s life and personality and the life and personnality of another American actor, Paul Walker.

*mission 1 : EE 4. Ecrit factuel à dominante informative et explicative. (B1 à B1+)
Write a short paragraph explaining how those two actors have had a special influence on their teenage audiences and post it on the Englishclass blog or Facebook page, the school newspaper, etc.... You will briefly present both actors’ life and tragic deaths, their iconic image and your personal opinion about them.

*mission 2 : IO 3. Echanges discursifs à dominante informative et explicative. (A2 à B1+)
Interview your assistant about James Dean and what he/she knows the actor represented for teenagers in the 1950s-60s. Then he/she will ask you questions about Paul Walker. You will then be able to compare the two iconic actors and give your opinion about each one of them.

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